Although we are loathe to admit it, we kinda knew that this moment was coming. Ever since Molls started doing the nightly To Do's here, a lot of people have come out of the woodwork with scandalous tales of what she is REALLY like after hours. And, well, as much as it pains us, we think it's probably best to broadcast the Molly McAleer sex tape here on Defamer before it inevitably ends up in Pat O'Brien's grubby paws. While most of you savvy internet surfers probably saw it earlier today, we figured we'd at least turn Molly's shame into a few extra page views. After all the embarrassment it's caused, it's the least she can do for us. Enjoy ... or learn ... or something.

· Crystal Castles @ The Roxy.

· Terri Cheney @ Book Soup.

· Cagematch @ UCB.

· "Ride for Arthritis Fundraiser", featuring stand-up from Jackie Kashian, Andrew Donnelly, Melissa McQueen and Clinton Pickens @ Monkspace (4414 West 2nd Street and Western).

Ha-ha! You got Shanicerolled! We love your smile, we really do.