Anne Hathaway Gives The Gift Of Her Music

  • Anne Hathaway made a CD of her own songs for her slimy Italian boyfriend's birthday. "I've done things for him I never thought I could do for anyone." [Showbiz Spy]
  • The French guy who climbed the Times building the other day would like a congratulatory handshake from New York's technocrat mayor, never imagining he is a cyborg without a human soul. [Post]
  • Boy George will play a free concert in Brooklyn for New York sanitation workers Aug. 17. He did community service with them over five days in 2006 and apparently has kept in touch. [Post]
  • Katie Holmes may have to end her Broadway run after three months because she may be pregnant, or about to become pregnant, with Tom Cruise's baby. And you've got to start the auditing early. Like, pre-natal early. [Showbiz Spy]
  • So it turns out Tatum O'Neal was drinking an iced, non-alcoholic beverage the other day, not white wine as had it. Called it!
  • Everyone's been giving the British police hell for letting basketcase singer Amy Winehouse abuse illegal drugs in front of basically the entire world, but it turns out the bobbies actually had a brilliant strategy: Bide their time, then arrest Winehouse's dealers, surely the richest criminals in the entire country ever. Way to shore up your budget! [Daily Star]
  • Winehouse is notorious for missing concert dates, but now she's scheduled to play for an oligarch in Russia for $2 million, and something tells me the Russian oligarchs have ways of making junkie divas keep their appointments. [P6]
  • Remember how the Associated Press was going to start collecting "high-quality," journalistically-kosher celebrity dirt? It turns out Hollywood gossip is a bit harder to nail down than AP thought. The news wire must be SHOCKED to learn that sources — like the neighbor who told AP Paul Newman had cancer — change their stories at the drop of a hat.
  • Historical figure and LA police beat-down victim Rodney King will appear on Celebrity Rehab. [AP]