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In today's exciting installment of the newest Defamer recurring feature, Celebrities Losing Their Weed Theater, SNL alum and deadpan, wayward man-child Chevy Chase hijacks a museum's P.A. system in pursuit of the quarter that got away. It comes to us via Popbitch:

The Houston Museum of Fine Art recently opened a new exhibit on Pompeii. The launch had a smattering of local dignitaries and celebrities, including Chevy Chase.

As the evening drew on guests were bemused to hear Chevy over the tannoy [ed. public-address system] saying he'd lost something and if anyone found it could he have it back. Nothing more was heard about it, except the museum staff did later find a bag of weed in the Gents.

While Chase never ended up reuniting with his lost cannabis, the story doesn't completely end in tragedy: Several pink-eyed members of the event staff were later spotted wandering single file back into the reception room, where they later feasted on uneaten cocktail shrimp and mushroom capanés, and toasted the Vacation-star to lukewarm champagne as they marveled at "how freakazoid it would be to wake up one day and get buried beneath a volcano and shit."