Elizabeth Hurley Inspires Wife's Jealous Novel

  • Denis Leary's wife, Ann, has for years been secretly not cool with the comedian having dining, hanging out with and getting diet and exercise makeovers from his knockout friend Elizabeth Hurley, so she sadly channeled her frustrations into a thinly-veiled "novel." Something tells me Denis, in a similar situation, would have just cussed and yelled about it for an hour or so until the situation somehow resolved itself. Not that there's anything wrong with different "communication styles." [R&M]
  • Another source agrees with actor Rupert Everett that Madonna's husband Guy Richie is homophobic. "At their wedding, [Madonna's gay brother] Chris made a joke about Guy being gay. That set the tone for their relationship." [R&M]
  • Naomi Campbell had considerable trouble staying upright outside a nightclub at 3 am, but her spokesman said she was just "pretending to fall." The best headline, of course, is from the Sun: "Stupormodel." They are so getting a cell-phone beating.
  • John Mayer is hanging out at Jennifer Aniston's house, and the couple are finding his annoying need for control dovetails nicely with her neediness.
  • Fashion bigwigs Calvin Klein, Andre Leon Talley and Anna Wintour are hosting a big fundraiser for Barack Obama, while Barabara Streisand is now offering to do basically whatever the Democratic presidential candidate wants.
  • But can we really trust all these creative New York types to choose our next president? According to the totally objective Post, this one showbiz Obama supporter, comedian Robert Klein, was talking to an innocent conservative and tried to bludgeon him into voting for Obama because Obama's "a Harvard guy." The McCain supporter calmly tried to explain how Obama is a closet Marxist, but Klein got all shrill and liberal on him, because he's a tone-deaf elitist, Obama supporters suck so much The End.