Creepy sexual compulsive Paul Janka is, predictably, trying to stretch his 15 minutes of fame into a TV series. (As if a humiliating appearance on Dr. Phil wasn't enough!) A acquaintance of the self-styled Manhattan Casanova told us that "a friend of mine, who is an aspiring actor, recently auditioned for Paul Janka and an unknown production company who is producing a spec pilot that Showtime has an interest in (but not so interested that they funded the pilot.)" In fact, Paul was just in L.A. last week meeting with Showtime. What kind of television classic do we have to look forward to?

Although the most obvious answer is either a reality show or scripted reality, like "The Hills," it seems like more of an "'Entourage' rip-off" sort of affair. The reason? Dude isn't quite young enough for the reality machine—he's in his early 30s, and it's really only entertaining to watch pretty little twentysomethings run around making fools of themselves.

That said, the premise of the pilot is "Janka playing himself getting loads of pussy every episode."