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Facebook will hold its second annual F8 developers' conference on Wednesday, July 23 in San Francisco. That means we'll watch Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg take another shot at his reported goal of impersonating Steve Jobs's keynote addresses. Funny thing is, Jobs isn't actually a very stylish public speaker. Check out the end of the 60-second versions of his last two keynotes below. His speeches are stuffed with frilly adjectives. Jobs only does so well because his keynotes are full of highly anticipated announcements. Zuckerberg doesn't — can't — do grand reveals.

Users got angry when Facebook dropped the News Feed on them out of nowhere in the fall of 2006. Developers are still grumbling about the pending redesign. Now, when Facebook introduces a change, it's announcement by slow drip — tremendously boring. Just like a Zuckerberg keynote. If Zuckerberg really wants to be like Jobs, he's going to have to stop worrying about the users, stop worrying about the developers, and start trusting his gut. Jobs displays utmost confidence in how his fans will receive his products — and that, not his presenting style, is what makes him so compelling.

(Photo by AP/Ruttle)