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Think it's hard being a woman in technology? Apparently it's even harder to be an attractive one. That's right, pretty people are rising above the prejudice that unless they look like Steve Wozniak, they can't hack it:

At the San Francisco Girl Geek Dinner earlier this year, Leah Culver, 25, the developer of Pownce, a microblogging platform, described the extra efforts she's made to convince potential employers that despite being attractive, she's actually, like, competent. "I used to carry around a copy of my computer-science degree in my purse," she said.

I feel for Culver. For years, my wild attractiveness meant I had to work twice as hard to be taken seriously. If I was any uglier, I bet I'd be be CEO of Google by now. Instead, I had to live with the shame that I know how to accessorize and dumb down outfits at job interviews to fit in with the developer slobs in their tees, jeans and sneakers. So I just can't wait to be empowered to become even thinner and more vain by the new reality show about the Nerd Girls of Tufts University. Because what could help attractive people conquer stereotypes faster than television? (Photo by Andrew Mager)