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· The Obscenity Trial of the Century is already living up to its name.
·Steven and Sylvester have a few words of support for quadruple-dipping Eddie Murphy.
· Shia LaBeouf is embroiled in an illegal, Five-Fingered Mexican Roulette scandal in which slurs are spoken
· The Happening is finally Happening!
· Leo DiCaprio has a biopic problem, as evidenced by a recent call with his agent that went something like, "And it's called Father of Pong, and I simply must make this movie!"
· Katherine Heigl isn't interested in your gold trinkets. Give her something she can sink her teeth into.
· We can't seem to get, nor do we want, confirmation of Paul Newman's lung cancer.
· Kit Kittredge: An American Girl preps girls early for a life of dressing up for a night of popcorn and consumption-porn.
· On Celebrity Rehab 2, Gary Busey will bring Jeff Conaway back from the brink. If Rodney King doesn't get there first. Dr. Drew, meanwhile, dances with the devil in the pale moonlight.
·Jackie Warner and Elizabeth Keener share the love that shall not speak its name, unless you're making out at a gay pride parade. Then it speaks it really loudly.
·Thanks to a pushy message-board-nerd and extra, Transformers 2's "Oblivous Hamburger-Eating Man" might never make it to the final cut. Damn you, pushy message-board nerd!
·Forbes' Celebrity 100: The haves and have-nots.
·It's Smurf vs. Smurf in the World Series of Smurfs.
· We give up, Debra Winger? What did make that kid burst into tears in Terms of Endearment?
· Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are parents! Of a girl! A girl baby!
· Starz celebrates the awfulness that is I Know Who Killed Me.