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Naturally we couldn't ignore a blind item involving our favorite celebrity trend of the season, lesbian chic, that appeared in yesterday's NY Daily News. Especially when the item not only involves a starlet who dabbles in Lohan/Ronson-inspired games with the same sex, but also outs her bad boy boyfriend for helping her appear as straight as possible in the public eye. As the News asks today:

“Which starlet with an often-troubled boyfriend actually plays for the other team — and puts up with her boy toy's habits to maintain hetero appearances?”

While many Young Hollywood players are currently afflicted with that equally trendy need to date cads, only a few from the club cross our mind as potential lady lovers. Our guesses after the jump.

Anne Hathaway:
As much as we adore Anne, we've been notably confused lately as to why the scandal-free actress has spent so many years standing by her man, real estate investor/lawsuit-magnet Raffaello Follieri, even after his money-grubbing headlines repeatedly coincide with her movie release dates.

Heidi Montag:
Is Heidi really a starlet? Debatable, but what isn't? The fact that no one is more concerned with keeping up "appearances" than the Hills deviant and her "habits"-plagued boyfriend Spencer Pratt. Plus, that whole Grieving Over Lauren's Friendship story line that's continued through two seasons only makes sense when you add lesbian undertones to it.

Jennifer Aniston:
Aniston's never made her pro-lesbian outlook a secret, and we've been wondering why the well-toned wonder would be swimming in the cad pool ever since first catching sight of her fembot nipples inches away from John Mayer's O Face. Though "starlet" hardly does the A-lister justice.

Your turn to add up the elements and guess away!