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With Fake Steve Jobs on sabbatical, Fake Jerry Yang has picked up the slack to chime in on Joe Nocera's scathing open letter in the New York Times. Shortly before the vulgarities is this little gem, which says more about the New York media landscape than it does about the Microsoft-Yahoo-Google three-way:

[W]e're all surprised to see you carrying Carl Icahn's water on this one instead of someone at the Journal.

One of Rupert Murdoch's plans for the Wall Street Journal after acquiring parent company Dow Jones from the Bancroft family was to turn it into a broader-interest daily with a rightward tilt — an ideological counter to the Times in the way that Murdoch's New York Post and the New York Daily News divide the tabloid market. The Times has responded by taking more of an interest in Wall Street. Nocera, for his part, specifically calls out the Bancroft family for handling the News Corp. bid as poorly as Yang handled Microsoft's offer. Kudos to Dan Lyons, writing as Fake Jerry Yang, for noting that while ostensibly Nocera's rant is about the Valley, there's more than a little Times versus Journal backbiting going on as well, and we can expect to see more of it.