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Actors love to brag about the huge, painful physical transformations they under take to get into character. Whether it's Tom Hanks starving himself for Cast Away or Renee Zellwegger making the ultimate sacrifice of eating food to star in Bridget Jones Diary, your favorite stars will do whatever it takes to impress Oscar voters. That is, except for Abigail Breslin. The iPod touch loving, anti-Fanning first showcased her laziness when she donned a fat suit to play a chubby child beauty pageant contestant in Little Miss Sunshine. Sure, she's pre-pubescent and forcing a weight gain could have done some serious damage to her still-growing body, but a serious actress wouldn't have minded. The fact that her work was Oscar-nominee worthy must be considered a fluke. Real actors alter their bodies. All Breslin did was, ahem, act.

Her success has only made the 12 year-old more brazen about her shocking lack of technique. Breslin's latest slap in the face to true students of the dramatic arts is so horrifying that it must be hidden after the jump.

In her latest film, the G-rated salute to overpriced dolls, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, Breslin couldn't even be bothered to sport the appropriate period hairstyle. She brazenly admitted to the LA Times Dish Rag blog that her "side-parted blond page boy" cut was a wig. Said Breslin, "I really don't know if I could handle having my own hair really short, but wearing the wig was fun. I'd never do that to my real hair, because I like putting it in a ponytail."

Breslin refused to undergo even the mild inconvenience of waiting a couple months for her hair to grow out. How long will this shocking insistence that she can portray a character without embracing the pretentiousness of method acting be allowed to continue? Next we'll learn that she didn't demand her parents divorce to enhance the emotional truth of her performance in Definitely Maybe.