Big news on the "who will Barack Obama's John the Baptist" front! First: his Vice Presidential choice will not be Hillary Clinton, because he just hired Patti Solis Doyle as his eventual Veep's chief of staff. Which is odd, because she was incompetent as Hillary's campaign manager, but less odd when you consider that choosing her is just a "fuck you" to Hillary and her terrible people. Second: Al Gore is endorsing Obama tonight, so obviously that means he wants to be Vice President again so that Americans can go back to not liking him very much in 2016 when he runs for do-over president. But this is the most important VP-selection-related news of all: if Barry Obama chooses Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, the candidate will have to answer some very touchy questions about precisely how funny he finds prison rape. No, seriously.

But as Obama's vice presidential vetters are surely aware, a board game created by Sebelius' son – 23-year-old John – could become a campaign issue if the governor joins the ticket.

The game is called "Don't Drop The Soap," and it is, as The Capital-Journal delicately put it, an "adult-themed board game based on life in prison."

Oh ho ho. John created the game when he was a student at-three guesses-the Rhode Island School of Design. Aaaand you can still buy it!

A Republican state senator called the game obscene and racist, which is probably true, and Sebelius said he was picking on her son. [CBS News]