Apparently Denise Richards' life of collecting alimony and contemplating posing for Playboy is so busy that she requires a full staff to function. In this week's episode of It's Complicated, she upbraids her two warring assistants about some clothes she had borrowed that were supposed to be returned but hadn't. To Denise, it's an issue of integrity. Much to our surprise, she managed to utter the word "integrity" without being struck by lightning.

Displaying the same take charge attitude that allegedly drove ex-husband Charlie Sheen into the arms of hookers dressed like cheerleaders, Richards gets Sabrina to admit that she should have returned the clothes in question. Denise then lectures them on learning to get along better and the importance of proper communication. Given the outstanding communication and problem solving skills that Denise and Charlie displayed during their divorce, one can only applaud the E! network's appreciation of irony.