Anne Hathaway Leaves Longtime Boyfriend In Search Of Someone Less Oily And Crook-Like

It was a high-profile relationship that was difficult to reconcile: perennial Hollywood good girl and honorary bear icon Anne Hathaway to "bad boy" paramour Raffaello Follieri, an oily entrepreneur linked to a string of shady business transactions that culminated recently in his charitable foundation coming under investigation by the New York State Attorney General's Office. Now, reports the Daily Mail, having experienced the comparative bliss of having exchanged potentially infectious bodily fluids with a total non-charity-swindling-dirtbag like Steve Carell, Hathaway has finally pulled away:

The Devil Wears Prada actress Anne Hathaway put on a brave face at her latest film premiere last night after breaking up with long-term boyfriend Raffaello Follieri, the Mail Online can reveal.

An insider tells the Mail Online that Hathaway made the painful decision to end their relationship because of the effects his controversial business dealings could have on her career. [...]

A pal said: 'She seemed to really be enjoying her freedom, and making new friends in L.A., especially [Get Smart co-star] Steve Carell.

'Anne really wants to find a guy like Steve, and if he weren't married, I have no doubt she would date him in a second.

'She's such a fan of his work she couldn't help but quote episodes of 'The Office' to him when they first met. She thinks he's amazing.
'Even though she loves being near her family, a move to Los Angeles could mean better roles, more money, and a better pool of potential boyfriends.'

While we have no doubt this was the best arrangement for her career and own emotional well-being, we just hope Hathaway takes some time out to find herself before diving into the "better pool" of Hollywood bachelors. She'll quickly learn that while it's full of Carell-alikes, nothing quite compares to the ecstasy of gazing into the dreamy eyes of the real thing, moments after having high-fived a particularly satisfying, "That's what she said."