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Who owns the most annoying applications on Facebook? It seems incredible that anyone would want to take credit for Vampires, Zombies, and Werewolves, three of the most useless and yet most used applications on Facebook. And yet Blake Commagere, their developer, and RockYou, the company which markets those apps, and is happy to take credit for them when raising venture capital, are getting ready to deploy lawyers to settle the question over their ownership, we hear. Adonomics, the Facebook-app measurement firm, somewhat questionably estimates the three applications' value at $6.5 million — but attributes their ownership to Commagere.

Commagere, in the past, hasn't helped clarify matters. Last year, he told GigaOm that RockYou hosted his applications and provided some cross-promotion, then hastened to give the company more credit:

At this point I’ve partnered with them on the app and they are contributing far more resources than just infrastructure. It’s eased my pain of looking for more programmers and I’m now enjoying being able to focus more on the creative aspect of it.

He must now regret those comments, which won't help his case in breaking free from RockYou — if that's even his goal. Talk about your words coming back to bite you.