What wasn’t there to love about last night’s Season Four premiere of Weeds? Albert Brooks as Andy’s disapproving father calling Nancy “Francie”! Silas finally entering dangerously hot boy territory! The absence of Mary Kate Olsen as the trippy hippie “sexy” guest star! And as THR reports today, we’re not alone. With 1.3 million viewers tuning in to find out Nancy’s fate with the high-level hard drug dealers (so realistically frightening for even a comedy as dark as this one), Mary Louise Parker and her merry marijuana-scented series premiere broke Showtime’s record as the most-viewed season premiere in history, topping Dexter’s second-season debut which lured 1 million. For a taste of the action warranting this kind of attention, see this clip from last night involving Parker’s adorable attempts at child rearing, dead grandmothers discovered by prepubescent boys, and our introduction to the Botwins’ omniscient neighbor named, of course, Rad.

To summarize, the town of Agrestic is burning. Relocation means somehow entering Andy’s mother’s old house equipped with a barking doorbell, the charm of which is entirely lost on the Botwins and their smiling-through-gritted-teeth realization that an imaginary attack dog has been freaking them out for years. Though the presence of the dead grandmother is revealed eerily by little public masturbator Shane, our favorite moment occurs when Nancy, the epitome of how a jaded suburban adulthood spent in Southern California renders the smart ones barely conscious, lists the 10-year old Rad’s many accomplishments: “He’s read the whole Narnia series, and now he’s moved on to His Dark Materials which he likes, his favorite dragon is the komodo dragon and he thinks dodgeball is gay.” Dibs on Rad ten years from now.