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While Yahoo shares hover around $23, deep inside Yahoo shareholders' hearts there is a longing for the days when Microsoft actually put a $33 per share offer on the table. The hopeful among these shareholders say that day can come again. Since a complete takeover of the Yahoo board would initiate a change in control severance package which all but precludes a renewed bid from Microsoft, these shareholders now plan to replace only board members who fought to keep Yahoo independent — specifically purple bleeders chairman Roy Bostock, Gary Wilson and Ron Burkle. “If we can handpick the ones to vote out, it might be easier,” one investor told Kara Swisher. “There are a lot of voices on that board that don’t get heard enough and need to.” Another, likely whispering in fervid tones, swathed in tattered rags and blind as a seer told Swisher: “the only thing to do now is to try to convince Microsoft to either make a better search offer and maybe even another bid and get a board in place that will welcome that overture.” (Illustration by Trevor Blake)