· Forget gay marriage—we're waiting for domestic/employer marriages to be legalized, so that Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis can finally make an honest woman out of his frittata-serving lifemate, Zoila. [Bravo]
· Jerry Seinfeld's lawyers are now accusing cookbook author Missy Chase Lapine of craftily switching lawsuit terminology from "comedian" to "actor" to help her defamation case, which to us suggests they're getting desperate. [AP]
· Charlie Sheen feels just awful about using the N-word in some voicemails he left Denise Richards three years ago. He would also like to stress that that doesn't at all lessen his desire to see her nudged off the side of a hot air balloon basket. [ET Online]
·Ah, UTA Joblist, how far you've tumbled: Paradigm is now slumming it on Craigslist in search of assistants. [Craigslist]
· A moose head in your bed will be the least of your problems when you cross Canada's ruthless Salmon Mafia. [CNN]