Readers Outraged At Perez Hilton's Phone-Call SchemeThe discerning readers of Perez Hilton's site, which features cum stains, genitalia and unborn babies drawn crudely onto paparazzi photos, were shocked when the celebrity gossip today launched a tasteless plan to enrich himself through the suffering of others. Hilton's "Gossip On The Go" phone-call service costs $5 per month and threatens "you'll be hearing from us almost every day... whenever something big happens." His commenters called the plan "too expensive," "tacky and presumptuous," and "quite possibly the stupidest thing i've ever heard." Also, Hilton himself (real name: Mario Lavandeira) was called a "sell out" about a thousand times, as though he had once possessed a reserve of dignity and credibility, and is now trading it in. Here are some of the more interesting comments from, followed by an email from an "avid" Perez reader who is defecting to Gawker.

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