Finally, after years of thinking good girl Anne Hathaway's sleazy (possibly ex!) boyfriend was the K. Fed to her Britney (or is it the other way around?), the formerly controversy-free actress is beginning to show the most subtle of signs that all is not fairy dust and rainbows in her world. In this clip from today's View, resident bitch-in-benevolent-clothing Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked how Anne got along with the more frequent tabloid cover flier Kate Hudson on the set of this fall's Bride Wars. And after witnessing the normally cool under pressure Hathaway struggle to grit her Chicklet teeth and pretend all was peachy keen between the two leading ladies, we finally got some visual confirmation of the rumors of tension between Hathaway and Hudson that we've been hearing about for months. Watch Anne's true colors fly after the jump.

Until today we were really pulling for Anne. That skin so porcelain we'd rather eat lunch on it than our own dishes, those big boobs so subtly carried that we barely ever noticed she had big boobs, and her ability to charm any late night host all added up to the exact type of Hollywood starlet we can get on board with. And today's news that she'd finally washed that eurotrash outta her hair added a cherry to an already delicious sundae of a chick. But watching her awkwardly struggle to pick a sentence and go with it after over-enthusiastically waxing perfection on "the divine Miss Kate Hudson!", those normally relaxed shoulders stiffen, those big bewitching eyes rolled ever so slightly, and Hathaway's stripes were shown for the first time.

After attempting to end her rambling by quietly mentioning how much weight she lost for the role and how much skinnier and hotter she was than Kate Hudson based on frequent skirt size comparisons, Hathaway's brain returned from their short-lived vacation, as she churned out a few jokes about straight guys liking big butts. The momentarily shocked View audience resumed their giggling, Whoopi stifled a preachy speech, and chatter as light as air fluttered back through the building. We can almost hear the entire ABC building let loose a collective "Phew!" as the old Anne returned. It's moments like these when we say a little prayer for the ongoing existence of live television and all the unpredictable lapses in good manners that make life worth living.