Michelle Obama went on The View yesterday to soften her Fox News-propagated image as a whitey-hating terrorist baby mama, but the appearance is only making the cable pundits talk about her image problems more. Exhibit A: Michelle Bernard said on MSNBC's Hardball that the makeover is needed "so people aren't terrified thinking this black woman is going to be doing God-knows-what in the White House." Bernard is the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, so it would be a stretch to lump this comment in with all the recent racial smears against the prospective first-lady, but it does beg the questions, some posed by an astute email tipster: Just what, exactly, could Michelle Obama do in the White House? Install a mosque? Fill it with purple leather couches and tiger-printed throw pillows? Change the tap water with malt liquor? Clip after the jump, plus a look at the cringey promo for this episode of Hardball.

Note also that Bernard says the Democratic presidential candidate's wife is "very different from Cindy McCain, very different from Laura Bush, very different, in her presence, from Hillary Clinton..." Gee, how is she different? I'm trying to think of some common difference from all these women and coming up blank! (Or, more accurately, blanco.)

Related: the Huffington Post reports that Hardball pulled the original promo for its Michelle Obama makeover show when it decided it was "inappropriate" to imply she's going to start wearing a high-cut miniskirt and stiletto heels. (Image at right.)