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How to grow the iPod market beyond the faddish, technofetishistic trendizen crowd? Analysts, and Apple, are looking to the corporate market, with better security, email support and GPS. The problem? The device is tethered to a single carrier, Apple hasn't played nice with corporate IT in the past and, frankly, the suits bore Steve Jobs. And you are never, ever, to bore Steve Jobs. The real problem is that customers might want to keep the iPhone a personal device to lug around with their Blackberry and company laptop — so that they can have a personal browser free from management's all-seeing eye.

So says Kate Sylvan at porn site Pink Visual:

Sylvan says many porn consumers access adult materials on their iPhones while traveling, because they're wary of using company-issued laptops or public computers to access adult entertainment.

Yes, major online smut shops are feverishly preparing for the launch of the latest version of the iPhone, too, as the handheld device may be the best porn delivery platform in history.