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When not proposing Entourage cameos to some of the world's greatest hell-to-the-divas, Jeremy Piven can often be found sidling up to one of our city's endlessly replenishable starlets with a patented ice-breaker ("So, have you been to India?"). The desired result is frequently achieved, and within minutes the two are zipping off in a hydrogen-powered Bentley to his place for a better look at his dhoti collection. Sometimes, however, Piven shoots a little too high, and his hottie-air balloon comes crashing down to the ground. Take, for example, a recent run-in with America's #1 fanboy-bait-object:

Jeremy Piven was bent on meeting "Transformers" hottie Megan Fox in the greenroom at Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards, airing on Sunday. "I don't know you, but I should," said Piven, staring at her like she was a lamb chop.

He went on: "I know you're getting an award." Said an unimpressed Fox: "Do you even know which one?" The "Entourage" star was ready to answer, but she'd already walked away.

Perhaps Piven had caught wind of reports that Fox has been spotted recently unencumbered by her engagement ring from 2008 Guys Choice "Luckiest Bastard" winner Brian Austin Green. ("It's just a placeholder, baby—'til we iron out the details on my 90210-spinoff guest-starring gig and I can get you the rock you deserve...") Still, dude—not cool: TV-ghettoized brahs before Michael Bay-championed hahs, yo.