Keira Knightley Doesn't Mind Stripping Down, But Are Those Body Parts Really Hers?

Though she may not be among the top five searches on Mr. Skin, Keira Knightley just adores getting naked on screen. Discussing her upcoming Sienna Miller lovefest Edge Of Love, she tells People: "I always bare my breasts...It's not like it's only in this film!" Whoopee! Well, not so much. We took Keira up on her implied offer to review just how many times she's stripped down for the sake of The Craft, and have one primary question post-study: having exposed 26 (no, not a typo) cinematic naughty bits so far, are we so sure they really belong to her? NSFW evidence lies after the jump.

Keira Knightley Doesn't Mind Stripping Down, But Are Those Body Parts Really Hers?

So far, Keira has shown off her size A's in a rough outdoors sex scene from Domino opposite Edgar Ramirez, under dim bedroom lighting in Silk with Michael Pitt and The Jacket with Adrien Brody, and flashed her rack in The Hole. And of course, we all remember her wet nude-ish scene from Atonement, mainly because it occurred during the first 20 minutes and everything in the film following that image was boring in comparison. But Knightley has shown off her body just as often as she's confessed to using body doubles. Though size-enhancing makeup was used in the Pirates movies, an actual body double was used for the Domino scene. As Keira herself said, "What a bum! I wish I had that bum." And it has been rumored that, despite doing her own underwater scenes in Atonement, Keira hired a foot double for other scenes in the film. So all this self-esteem and delight in her body seems exclusive to her self-professed "flat" chest. As for her feet, ass, and singing voice, Keira's just as insecure as the rest of us.


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