Peggy Noonan was the Ronald Reagan's best speechwriter because she basically writes like he thought—with hypnotic banality—and for years she wrote a wacky little opinion column that was read only by Matt Drudge and people who found it hilarious. But this year everything's different! Peggy Noonan's a phenomenon! Jacob Bernstein says she won the Democratic primary! What was her secret? She just did something she's done for years—hate Hillary Clinton.

It would be hard to underestimate the enjoyment Noonan has taken in Clinton's downfall. Eight years ago, the former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan penned "The Case Against Hillary," a 181-page polemic against Clinton's bid for the Senate and attacking her character, as well. As Noonan saw it, the former first lady and her husband were responsible for the coarsening of American culture, the quintessential example of a generation who'd put ambition ahead of principles. "Together they stand for one thing: maximum and uninterrupted power for the Clintons….America is the platform for the Clintons' ambitions, not the focus of them," she wrote.

See, back then this was carrying water for the Republicans. Now it's a breath of fresh air! Yes, her crazy starry-eyed ramblings about baseball and America and whatever were suddenly being read by Serious Liberals, and because she preferred Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton, she is now popular and Nick forwards me her columns and tells me to take her seriously.

I CANNOT TAKE HER SERIOUSLY. She's a fruitcake! Seriously!

And she was a much more lovable nutcase when no one else read her. [WWD]