VICE Magazine, the magazine whose readers are too cool to read it, had a party last night! It was a free concert sponsored by their friends at Nokia NSeries! But VICE didn't want its enthusiastic fans to get too worked up about the possibility of having fun, so they sent out an email in advance warning everyone who had RSVP'd that "many, many, many folks on the list will NOT be getting in. Including you, maybe." It concluded, "Please do not reply to this email, no one will read it." Refreshing honesty, or an outrageous insult? The attendees weren't too happy about it, judging by the flood of angry comments that came into the Brooklyn Vegan blog today. The commenters' conclusions: VICE sucks, you suck if you went to the show, and furthermore, they went to the show, and it sucked:

If I don't get into this thing I'm going to fucking die! I already told like 17 chicks to meet me there.

The tone of that email is like a dude who gave a girl herpes but still wants to be friends for her drug connections.

VICE has issued a statement saying anyone turned away from the party tonight will get an Ikea couch.

Thanks VICE!

it was weird. i was on the list and waited for a good hour before finally getting let in but they didn't even look at the list. the guy at the door was just like "you're hot, you can come in" which I thought was fucked up and explained why it took so long.

the weirdest part was i went to the bathroom downstairs and then they wouldn't let me back upstairs (where the bands were) for about 40 minutes, so i ended up missing Vivian Girls.

Satan himself could not have orchestrated a more terrible party!

Where did Santos find these security fuckers?! They were so fucking pushy it killed my buzz.

Hong Kong Blood Gang sucked so many kinds of balls.

This place needs to be shut down, it's no fucking fun at all!!!!!!!

Fuck Santos Play Ground

Fuck Vice and their mothers and their forefathers

Fuck Colt 45

Fuck Nokia N Series

Fuck Santos security, bartender, bar backs, janitors, DJ, lighting/sound techs etc

I guess that covers it

Wasn't not worth not standing in line for.

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