Would an in-house attorney keep Craigslist in line?

Hookers and eBay, shares and cops. If Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster, had an attorney on staff with them, would that have prevented questionable legal moves by the founder and CEO of the world's most reliable housemates and hookups platform?

Law.com went to a handful of lawyers to the startup stars to get their unofficial advice on how Craigslist could might have behaved better with counsel in-house, such as wrestling with eBay over the status of the few shares not held by Newmark and Buckmaster. Mike Godwin, general counsel to the Wikimedia Foundation, offered that at his organization no one would blog about a lawsuit in progress, as Buckmaster did. Yes, take a lesson from a lawyer who represents the organization founded by über-slut Jimmy Wales: no matter how nutty Craig and Jim's actions are, having a legal team on the payroll to answer for them is the solution. (Photo: miketippett)