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Facebook employees losing the $600 monthly rent subsidy aren't the only ones moving out of Palo Alto. With plans to grow by more than 1,000 employees this year, Facebook is planning to move from its cluster of rented offices sources tell BoomTown. Relocation options include the old Hewlett-Packard buildings west of Palo Alto as well as office parks in Mountain View and Sunnyvale. At least one young man at the company isn't happy about it, though.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg doesn't want to make the move, preferring Palo Alto's quaint Main Street USA feel to the parking-lot archipelagos up and down the peninsula which house the likes of Google and Yahoo. But Zuckerberg doesn't make business operations decisions anymore. Those belong to Facebook's new adult-supervision, ex-Googler COO Sheryl Sandberg, who is charged with scaling the company. If Zuckerberg's allies CTO Adam D'Angelo and Matt Cohler can't or won't survive Sandberg's tough-love rule, then neither will Facebook's dank, cluttered and spray-painted home on University Avenue. (Photo by by antony_mayfield)