• Hockey star and Vogue intern Sean Avery showed up to a
    concert "dressed head to toe in black with a black newsboy cap... he
    looked like he was straight out of a 1998 J.Lo video." [P6]
  • Cynthia Nixon said she so did not have a boob job, as the
    Post reported. The breast cancer survivor and Sex And The
    star just visited a hospital oncology department for a
    checkup. [R&M]
  • Britney Spears watched her 17-year-old sister give birth, and
    then had to take a long airplane flight back to Los Angeles, and then
    some paprazzo almost got in a fight with her bodyguard, so she totally
  • Reality TV sexpot Tila Tequila supposedly got a Manhattan
    apartment broker to kiss her husband's ex wife. The ex wife also
    flashed Tila Tequila? And there was boob nuzzling? I guess if you're
    obscure, this is what you have to do to get into Page Six.
  • Jennifer Lopez's entourage supposedly numbers eight people,
    including two guards with visibly-holstered guns. They reportedly
    demanded that a clothing boutique be sealed, while J. Lo was shopping,
    and that the actress/singer get a 50 percent discount. What's insane
    is that her twins' entourage is both larger and more surly. [P6]
  • For Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday party, there will be medics on
    standby. Not for Mandela but for barely-able-to-stand performer/drug
    addict Amy Winehouse. She had to overcome so much to make it
    to the show. Sniffle. [Mirror]