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Yahoo started as Jerry's List and through good times and bad, its employees have held a special spot for co-founder Jerry Yang in their purple-bleeding hearts. Till just about now, it seems. Says one former Yahoo:

I definitely sense less sensitivity for Jerry in the conversations I have with people who are still with the company. Six months ago, whenever I mentioned that I feel sorry for Jerry (because I do) given everything going on, most people would nod or say, ‘me too.’ Now, the reaction is usually a groan or rolling eyes.

Know what all this reminds me of? When I was a kid and my parents finally put my great-grandmother in a nursing home. Sure, no one wants to condemn a loved one to tapioca pudding and bingo for the rest of their life — and we all feel bad about doing it — but really, how much longer do we have to put up with changing her smelly stockings every night?