Before half of Defamer's staff succumbs to heatstroke, we'd like to introduce guest blogger Kyle Buchanan, who will be joining us for the next two days. Kyle is a magazine writer for rags like Flaunt and The Advocate, though those with long memories may remember his late, lamented LA webzine Ostrich Ink, which Variety called "a colorful webzine that the Library of Congress might file under 'Los Angeles, Living Young In.'" A one-stop shop for humorous nonfiction, Ostrich Ink also featured some of the first interviews ever conducted with Interweb superstars-to-be like Mark the Cobra Snake and Andy Samberg, along with profiles of the likes of Jerry Stahl and Nic Harcourt. Since then, Kyle has kept busy by playing poker and writing for bad television shows. Please give him a warm welcome (and as many page views as you can muster).