This image was lost some time after publication., along with Flickr and Upcoming, was a Web 2.0 darling acquired by Yahoo a few years ago. Also like Flickr and Upcoming, hasn't rolled out much in the way of new features — though don't blame founder Joshua Schachter, who quit today last Wednesday. Blame Yahoo's management, who pushed Schachter aside.

I was largely sidelined by the decisions of my management. So that was mostly the result rather than the cause, if that makes sense. It was an incredibly frustrating experience and I wish I was a lot more like Stewart [Butterfield] in terms of pushing my point of view.

Our question is what took him so long? With a $15 million pay day from the sale of his startup, he could have walked away from the start to enjoy "glorious unemployment." Butterfield could have told him there was no room for tinkers at Yahoo. (Photo by Enrique Dans)