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The art world was all aflutter last night when its newest patron Dasha Zhukova, the comely and unloquacious consort of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, opened the Garage, her Moscow exhibition space in an 8,500-square-foot former bus shelter just outside the city center. Ever discreet, she wouldn't reveal how much it had cost to bring the gallery to life, although, reports Reuters: "When asked if he had sponsored Garage, Abramovich broadly smiled, smoothed out his blue suit, but did not answer." We're going to take that as a yes! Meanwhile, a Guardian journalist ever so tentatively says to Zhukova: "Could I be so bold, perhaps, as to ask if Mr. Abramovich was supportive of your idea?" To which her cool (but podcasted!) response is "I don't comment about Mr. Abramovich." Oh, Dasha, such gallant protectiveness only makes us more curious!