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It's been rumored since the show went off the air two years ago, but it looks the Arrested Development movie is finally a go. While in the UK to promote his upcoming role in the Will Smith vehicle Hancock, costar Jason Bateman let slip that the embattled Bluths are finally reuniting on the big screen:

A big-screen version of Arrested Development is planned for next year. "When it was on TV, if you missed one word the whole third act could be blown for you. And TV is a different experience. You come home and you've got to finish a call so you miss the first ten minutes or you get snacky and you go to the fridge and you miss another two minutes, so it's a different experience to film."

While the cult sitcom may not be able to hit Sex and the City heights on its way to movieplexes, Bateman says it can still claim foreign appeal:

"Arrested Development played late at night in England, so I got a lot of coke addicts and meth freaks. Great. So you've seen me but you just don't remember me." When I suggest that will change since he is in so many films now, he quips again. "So I am a whore, too."

Nonsense, Jason. Everyone knows that Lindsay was the whore.