Sexual compulsive Paul Janka was last spotted barely responding to charges he sexually assaulted a woman by pinning down a woman, trying to finger her and shoving his tongue down her throat. Gawker commenters thought he should be brought up on criminal charges. Even before that incident, Janka's reputation was starting to precede him in Manhattan, and now a tipster has spotted the New York Casanova in a whole other borough, his game working disturbingly well:

on friday night i was out in sheepshead bay for

a fishing trip birthday party thing (don't ask). on our way back i saw this

dude sucking face with a girl in a shiny yellow dress under the entrance to

the subway. i said, "oh, that looks like serial womanizer/[alleged attempted] date rapist paul

janka, but it couldn't be, because he never leaves his house for dates!"

minutes later, as we waited on the platform, said face sucker bounded up

the steps and my friend gasped. it was paul janka! he sat down next to us.

the group of six of us began whispering excitedly at our douchebag siting.

janka began squirming, stood up and moved several meters down the platform.

apparently he's been forced to the outer reaches of brooklyn for pussy

these days!

Ugh. At least the woman in question wasn't lured into an enclosed space with Janka.