As ReallyOld pointed out yesterday, you're pretty much SOL with EclipseDay at Google. Funnier still is the fact that they don't seem to know how to work a webcam (or want to). If you're really upset that you couldn't go, attendee names are listed on the Eclipse wiki page so you can get an idea of whose car you're keying in the parking lot. You really don't have to resort to violence, though; there's plenty more interesting conferences and events to go to. Have you ever been to a "Digital Living Conference and Showcase?" Neither have I! That's what "Connections: Digital Living Conference and Showcase" is for. CloudCamp is today at Microsoft SF, too. For those looking for something in a political vein, Robert Scheer — journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle and editor-in-chief of — is at the Commonwealth Club talking about U.S. foreign policy.

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