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The work of "Big Picture" columnist Patrick Goldstein accurately reflects the LA Times' dedication to producing nothing but the hardest of hard-hitting entertainment journalism: his columns, which run the gamut from "Here Is An Old Producer I Had Lunch With" to "This Focus Group, Made Up Exclusively of Ten-Year-Olds from Brentwood, Has a Lot to Teach Us" can always be counted on for a kid-gloves examination of this city's major export. Though Goldstein is persona non grata in the blogosphere for deriding the effect blogs have had on print journalism, it may not surprise you to learn he has now become that which he hated most. Says FishbowlLA:

Some little birds at the LAT tell us that venerated entertainment journalist Patrick Goldstein will expand his Big Picture column with the launch of a new blog Tuesday morning.

The LAT hopes to put Goldstein's knowledge and sources to work in a blog that brings responsible journalism to the faster-than-pulp pace of 24/7 online entertainment reporting.

Terrific — except those little birds at the LAT must have missed the part where Goldstein has already been blogging for weeks now (to be fair, it takes about that long to navigate the LAT website). Still, thank goodness we've got Goldstein on the "faster-than-pulp" blogging beat; his edgy, current musings like "Wal-Mart rocks" and "The National Anthem needs to be sung this way, not that way," will surely leave Hollywood insiders quaking in their Prada boots.

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