For the first time in our Weeds-watching experience, we actually worried we’d gotten a contact high from watching last night’s Bizarro World episode. As soon as we realized this would be the only time we’d seen the show open without “Little Boxes” setting the carefree tone, replaced by an opening sequence set at the Mexican border, Nancy uneasily waltzing around high as a kite on a beach, it became clear that our Weeds is even more potent than usual. Though we still haven’t accepted the fact that much of this highly-rated season will take place in Mexico as the Botwins run from the law, we were finally able to shake our rising paranoia upon seeing the indefatigable Elizabeth Perkins appear looking nothing like the Celia we’ve loved, hated, then loved again. Imagine a young Bette Midler dressed up as little orphan Annie, styled by Mexico’s answer to Rachel Zoe, grab the nearest pillow in the likely instance you find yourself needing to scream, and get high on this clip (no substances required).

Proving that truly great actors don't even need lines to turn you into a laughing-while-weeping mess, our Celia found herself sharing a cell with the makeover-happy Chita, who decided to make Celia "her special girl." Meaning, use her as a voodoo doll dressed in the kind of clothing we see gathering dust in our grandmother's attic and wearing rouge so red we're in pain just imagining Perkins scrubbing it off after shooting. But as much as we enjoyed our trippy half hour with the knee-deep-in-shit Weeds-ers, we're slightly apprehensive about next week's episode's theme: euthanasia. Getting high off your TV set is sort of interesting, but we have yet to ponder the delights of assisted suicide.