No Escape To Italy For Anne Hathaway Ex

  • Anne Hathaway's Italian ex-boyfriend, accused con-man Rafaello Follieri, originally had planned a big spontaneous "vacation" to Italy for his "birthday" Wednesday, but of course he's in jail now, so no "dining patio, huge cellar of expensive wines, pricey pastas and locally caught seafood" for him. [Post]
  • A recent memorial service at Pat and William F. Buckley Jr.'s former home turned into a brokerage pitch to buy the place. That did not go over well. Ed Koch left quickly. "I felt like we were props in a real estate event," someone remotely affiliated with National Review said. [Times]
  • Beastie Boy Adam Yauch screened a film he is distributing about how large companies, including Nestlé, are privatizing water supplies in the U.S. and around the world. It turns out Nestlé was a sponsor of the film festival where the screening was held. Their rep "stormed out." [P6]
  • Ben Affleck is reporting for Nightline in the Congo. Which is great, just please don't turn into Sean Penn. [OK!]
  • Ha: Nelson Mandela personally uninvited Naomi Campbell from appearing on stage at his 90th birthday party after the supermodel was sentenced for assault on two police officers, who she had supposedly also called "honkeys." Also, Campbell reportedly wore a baseball cap with Mandela's prisoner number on it when she was arrested. [Showbiz Spy]