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When we noted (only reporters' reporter Kara Swisher reported it) that Yahoo president Sue Decker's last reorganization included promoting longtime Yahoo Ash Patel to head of a new Global Products group, probably the nicest comment came from therealsunnyvalequeen, who wrote: "Ash is a good technical leader, but cannot possibly do what they have now asked of him." BoomTown's Kara Swisher reports several Yahoo executives echo the sentiment. Apparently tone-deaf Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang does not.

In fact, since details of Decker's plan leaked last week, Yang has little to say about them at all except to insist that Patel get the gig. This despite vocal protests presumably similar to the one we got from commenter bluepurple:

I'm appalled a the above comments implying that Ash is even remotely qualified. In my time he was focused on looking the part of an executive. Flashy car - check, Steve Jobs uniform - check, ridiculously expensive watch - check. He's unable to inspire, is a terribly unfocused speaker, and had no concept of how to execute. His teams were mostly shuffling around throwing out words like "platform" and "innovation". He was a non-factor at Yahoo. Placing Ash (who was not part of Weiner's team) in such a large role is clearly Sue seizing control of the entire company. Ash is just a stand in.