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Patrick Pichette, the new Google CFO who's bringing his years of monopoly management experience from Bell Canada, will make at least $9,569,686 — plus benefits — if he sticks around for four years and hits all of his bonus targets. And that doesn't include increases in the value of stock grants or the sale of any options after they've vested in 2012. That's according to the numbers on his offer sheet, which was obtained by the Mercury News. The catch? The deal hinges on the Canadian national's ability to get a work visa for the United States. We have a feeling the dapper Oxford grad won't have the trouble that, say, an Indian IT professional might in securing an H-1B or similar specialized allowance. After the jump, a breakdown of Pichette's compensation package. [Ed. Note: As commenter van_line points out, Canadian national can apply for a TN visa, which can be renewed yearly. However, Google can sponsor Pichette for a "green card" which would allow permanent residency.]

  • $500,000 signing bonus
  • $500,000 for sticking around six months
  • $450,000 annual salary
  • Up to $675,000 in annual bonus
  • 11,112 options with the strike price set on August 2nd
  • 5,556 shares of stock
  • 910 shares of stock after six months
  • 910 shares of stock after a year
  • Health and dental insurance
  • All the free food he can eat