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Our secret girl admirer writes, "The perfect, shared Sunday for me would consist of..." among other things, fighting over the Sunday Times and fondling iPhones. After an art flick, "[w]e could catch up on blogs like Valleywag and TechCrunch." Ooh, dreamy! As the only one on the masthead with a scant few degrees of sexual separation from both blogs' founding editors, I have some words of — well — we have not even begun to overshare.

I know, say it — there's women, who read Valleywag? Oh, honey. There was even something of a girl posse at the launch party back in the day, though I doubt this mystery Craigslist lady was among them as she's just relocated to the Valley. But don't hold that against her. She's in utterly shameless search of gossipy lurv, and that behavior we can only encourage.

If the ad is to be believed, she works in the Valley, and if she doesn't, God help her if she's harboring an Arrington crush. But for the sake of exploring her fantasy, let's assume she does actually work and, ahem, play here. She's looking for a guy like this not because she's so drawn into the bubble that she can't help but bring work into the bedroom, but because she gets off on it. Amazing. When did we create a fetish? As I've (mostly) sworn to never again help any of you get laid, the only advice I'll drop is this: let her make the first move when it comes to livestreaming your date.