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This probably isn't the news that enviromentalists wanted to hear: After an embarrassing investigation turned up evidence that the London branch of Nobu was serving endangered bluefin tuna, Nobu's general manager Richie Notar (left) now says the sushi chain will list which dishes contain the endangered species on the menu. It will be up to customers to "decide whether to order the fish despite environmental qualms, or to choose a 'greener' alternative." Why not take bluefin off the menu entirely? Notar says that was what he wanted to do, but "the move was being resisted by the chain's Japanese chefs." (And you never go up against a sushi chef, especially if he has a knife in his hand.) Just in case you're wondering if this means that Nobu might add other endangered species to the menu with a similar disclaimer, you needn't worry. "Mr. Notar said he would not serve chimpanzee and tiger meat, because it was illegal, but while bluefin remained legal, there was a "ludicrous situation" where some said it was unethical to serve it but Japanese fishmongers said it was a well regulated trade. "I would love to see a law because then there is no grey area." [Telegraph UK]