Gawker's own Josh Stein has a big article coming out in Page Six Magazine Sunday about Anne Hathaway's scuzzyupstanding ex-boyfriend, Italian con mangentleman philanthropist Rafaello Follieri. The Post gave a brief preview of the article today, stating that Follieri Group vice president Vincent Ponte used to co-own of "one of the largest waste-management firms in New York." Not sure why the Post picked that particular fact to highlight. So Follieri's associate came from waste management. Sounds like just the gig for a legitimate businessman looking to make an honest living, at least until he is convicted of racketeering due to being unfairly stereotyped as an Italian American. From the same article, but surely unrelated: Follieri's "friend" says Hathaway should come pick up her pretty little dog from Follieri's apartment, because it would be a shame if something nasty were to somehow happen to it. [Post]