Clinton-Oprah Cold War In London

  • In the spirit of racial harmony, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton ignored each other at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday party. They used to be very close, apparently. Until, presumably, Oprah went and supported a certain black man for president. Either that or he just didn't want to be near her in that outfit (pictured). [P6]
  • The new conspiracy theory about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who gave birth already according to a fairly unbeliveable Entertainment Tonight report a couple of weeks ago, is that the infants were born premature and are being "secretly cared for in a French hospital." Also, Jolie is wearing a prosthetic tummy to keep the secret going. [R&M]
  • A socialite says she was warned away from arrested Anne Hathaway ex Rafaello Follieri's charitable foundation and that he flaked on sending documents to her charity. But what really burns her is that he didn't bring Hathaway to this one charity invite, even though she was invited and everything. [P6]
  • The Post doesn't think CBS' chief PR executive should be publishing a book about slacking off on the job called "Executricks: Or How to Retire While You're Still Working." [Post]
  • Bill Murray has completed his nasty divorce battle. Mom gets custody, he gets visitation. [Daily Star]