More Details On Matthew McConaughey's Boozy Nicaraguan Nights: Did A Late-Night Tryst Turn Ugly?

As we sadly noted earlier this month, soon-to-be-dad and LA’s resident surfing community iconoclast Matthew McConaughey had quite the rambunctious stay in Nicaragua earlier this month, “dirty-dancing” his way through every girl at a bar and drunkenly diving into sewage ditches searching for his beloved flip-flops. But more details about the chest-baring rabblerouser’s boozy nights are now coming out, and despite his endless attempts to kiss and “put the make on every woman in his path,” McConaughey reportedly wound up going home with two male bar buddies instead. And his two new guy pals in question made it all the way to his hotel room. What happened once the threesome got there, after the jump.

According to a Star source, Matthew's evening didn't exactly end with a sorrowful search for his beloved sandals amidst toxic waste. Mid-sewage dive, Matthew allegedly "accepted a ride back to his villa at a nearby resort from two locals. 'Matt was so out of it when they reached the resort that the two guys had to carry him to his villa...They used his key, took him inside and put him to bed, then left — but they left the door unlocked.'" We'll temporarily abandon our dirty-minded thoughts regarding what may have occurred between the good samaritans and the alcohol-infused "hunky actor," mainly because what followed makes us feel sorry for the guy: "When he woke in the morning, he was missing $2,000 and his blackberry/phone!" Strangely, though, McConaughey failed to file a police report for the missing goods. If we were to lose $2,000, we'd certainly reach out to the local law enforcement in an attempt to recover it. That is, unless we didn't want anyone to know what had happened at our place that night ... Sketchy much, Matthew?

[Photo credit: Star]