From the hoary old crypts of the most ancient corners of the Internet comes a massively awesome collection of blogs that no one cared about. Like whatever it was that Jakob Lodwick invented, but worse! Each began with one post from some cyber-dreamer, and that one post has been preserved, all on its lonesome, to this day. For instance:


Saturday, October 30, 2004

Yeah, a 1st

Yo , so this is a first

i got so goddamn bored i created a feeling sharing webpage

well guess wat

im very bored

but if u think im worth talking to ...

then send three supreme pizzas to 6000 Pensylvania Avenue , Washington D.C

nah jks

so...yea watevr

And from

Friday, November 17, 2000

Stupid Floridiots!!! i think someone should just like bomb that f****in' state or something!! foreal!! geez...anyway Al Gore for President. Oh man i have a headache! and it sucks some major big fat dick!! UGH!! yeah its the weekend, and overslept, i was supposed to go to the movies w/my friends, but i forgot all about it, oh well i was tired anyway....i'm so sick of Christina Aglyrerai cant stand that anorexic ugly bitch, she aint even pretty w/out all that makeup she wears...but why should i care...back to some important shit, man i felll down the stairs today at school that was sorta embarrasing!! .......well i'mma 'bout tah go take a shit, so i'll blab later...


posted by Clear at 8:17 PM

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