has an early review of Batman:The Dark Knight which does its best to add to the swelling consensus that Australian James Dean is pretty effing great in his last movie. Clips and freakishly early Oscar buzz after the jump.

Brad Brevet's review is enthusiastic about all aspects of the film, but saves his strongest praise for the man behind the Joker make-up.

Ledger's descent into what is and has become The Joker makes Jack Nicholson's interpretation look like nothing more than a simple clown. "Wait until they get a load of me," says Jack... Wait until you get a load of Heath

The language occasionally borders on the hagiographic, but his well measured appraisal of the rest of the film makes it believeable.

In terms of comic book film adaptations this is the pinnacle. The argument saying this is The Godfather Part II of comic book movies would insinuate that Batman Begins is on equal terms with the original Godfather, which is far from true. However, if we could call this The Godfather of comic book movies I wait anxiously for what may/will become the film that caps off the trilogy.

I really, really hope this is true. Some critics have suggested Heath might snag an Oscar nod, but I'm just praying for a good Batman movie.

Let's keep fingers crossed, the trailer looks promising enough.

And if not, we've always got Jack.

And, while we're tossing clips around: Batdance. Yes, Batdance.

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