Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped by a Tesla Motors workshop today to announce a tax-break deal. The exemption wooed Tesla execs to move a planned manufacturing facility for the proposed Tesla all-electric family sedan back to California from New Mexico. The Governator said it was further proof that you could be pro-business and pro-environment — not to mention anti-tax. A noted Hummer enthusiast, the former movie star's environmental record isn't exactly stellar.

A photo op in front of "world's sexiest and best high-performance electric car" was a rare chance to earn some bona fides from both sides of the aisle and demonstrate his sentiment that postpartisanship is the new black. It's another example of how desperate Californians are to have their cake and eat it too: We'll still have erotically-charged automobiles, but they'll be zero-emission! Never mind that luring businesses with expensive corporate welfare means more potholes to ruin the suspension on Schwarzenegger's own Tesla Roadster.