Just Take The Second Ventilation Duct To Your Right

The Meat Packing District's newest underground lounge is literally underground. Boasting security measures which would make Interpol blush, the club requires you earn the good graces of a bouncer through "an interrogation-room-style, two-way tinted-glass door...Then head downstiars, down a kitchen corridor, and through a door marked private." Though getting in may sound like a puzzle from an Infocom game, UrbanDaddy assures us the bar is worth the stealth.

Inside, you'll find a low-ceilinged, mood-lit paradise, complete with a custom-carved ceiling, black-and-gold posters of a model in the nude and a fog-covered well in the center, in case the journey left you parched.

All this downstairs from Marcus Samuelsson's Merkato 55, one of the finest perveyors of kitfo in the tri-state area.

[via Jossip]